Origin Energy: An Aussie Icon That's Electrifying Our Lives

Have you ever wondered where the electricity comes from that powers your home appliances and lights up your life? Chances are the electrons lighting up your lightbulbs originate from Origin Energy, one of Australia’s largest energy providers.

For over 20 years, this Aussie icon has been electrifying households across the land down under.

Get ready to learn the origin story behind Origin and how this powerhouse company powers millions of lives across Australia.

From humble beginnings as a state-owned enterprise to a publicly listed company on the ASX, Origin has transformed into an essential part of daily life for countless Australians.

Continue reading to learn more about the past, present and future of Origin Energy, and how this homegrown business became a national energy leader.

The History of Origin Energy

Origin Energy’s story began in 2000 when two of Australia’s oldest energy companies, Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) and Boral Limited, merged to form Origin Energy.

AGL’s history dates back to 1837, making it Australia’s oldest company.

For over 160 years, AGL grew to become a leader in the gas industry.

Boral was founded in 1946 and was one of Australia’s largest building materials suppliers.

By combining AGL’s gas expertise with Boral’s energy assets, Origin Energy emerged as a major player in Australia’s energy market.

Origin expanded into electricity generation and retailing, quickly dominating the industry.

Within a decade, Origin Energy was supplying natural gas and electricity to over 4 million customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Origin Energy’s success lies in its balanced and diversified portfolio of energy assets.

It operates natural gas production facilities, power stations, and renewable energy projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Origin also has interests in gas exploration and development in Australia and New Zealand.

This range of assets provides security of supply and enables Origin to manage fluctuations in fuel costs.

Today, Origin Energy is an Aussie icon and one of Australia’s leading energy companies.

It continues to invest in new technologies and renewable energy sources to build a sustainable energy future for Australia.

Though its history is long, Origin Energy shows no signs of slowing down.

This dynamic company is electrifying Australian lives and will do so for generations to come.

Origin’s Key Services: Electricity, Natural Gas and LPG

Origin Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy companies, providing essential services that power your everyday.

Their core business revolves around three key areas: electricity, natural gas and LPG.


Whether you live in an apartment, own a home or run a business, Origin supplies electricity to over 4 million customers across Australia.

They generate electricity through a mix of renewable sources like solar and wind, as well as natural gas and coal-fired power stations.

Origin offers competitive pricing plans and renewal energy options so you can choose an electricity solution that suits your needs and supports sustainability.

Natural Gas

Origin is Australia’s second largest natural gas producer and a major retailer to commercial and residential customers.

Natural gas is used to generate electricity, heat homes, fuel stoves and more.

Origin extracts gas from natural underground reservoirs and distributes it via pipelines to over 1.7 million customers across Australia.

They aim to provide an affordable, low-emissions energy source to keep homes and businesses powered.


For those not connected to natural gas pipelines, Origin also supplies LPG gas bottles and tanks.

LPG or liquid petroleum gas is a clean-burning, versatile fuel used for a variety of applications like heating, cooking, hot water and transport.

Origin is one of the largest LPG suppliers in Australia, delivering to both commercial and residential customers in metro areas and remote locations across the country.

Whether it’s through the flick of a light switch, the turning of a gas stove or the rumble of your hot water system kicking in, Origin Energy is behind the essential services we often take for granted in our daily lives.

By diversifying their energy mix and offering sustainable solutions, Origin is powering Australia into a greener future.

How Origin Energy Is Powering Australian Homes and Businesses

Origin Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy companies, providing electricity and natural gas to millions of homes and businesses across the country.

Origin generates energy through both renewable and non-renewable sources and has invested heavily in solar and wind farms as well as gas-fired power stations.

Origin Energy has revolutionized the way Australians access and consume energy.

With innovative products like “Origin Energy Solar,” homeowners can install rooftop solar panels to generate their own renewable energy and save on power bills.

For business owners, Origin Energy offers tailored energy solutions to help cut costs and meet sustainability targets.

Origin also gives back to communities through partnerships and sponsorships.

They support major events like the Australian Open tennis tournament and Melbourne’s ‘White Night’ festival of art and culture.

Origin also donates to charities and community organizations across Australia.

While Origin Energy utilizes natural gas and coal to generate baseload power, the company is focused on transitioning to renewable energy.

Origin has invested over $1 billion in wind and solar farms in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

The newly-opened ‘Coleambally Solar Farm’ in NSW can power over 45,000 homes.

Origin is working hard to provide more sustainable and affordable energy solutions for all Australians.

By diversifying power generation, investing in renewable energy, and offering innovative products for customers, Origin Energy is helping to shape the future of energy in Australia.

Next time you turn on a light, charge your phone or run your washing machine, you might just have Origin Energy to thank!

Origin’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

Origin Energy has long recognized that the future of energy lies in renewable sources.

As one of Australia’s largest energy companies, Origin is committed to transitioning away from fossil fuels and embracing clean energy.

Investing in Solar and Wind

Origin currently operates several large-scale solar and wind farms across Australia, including the country’s largest solar farm.

The company has pledged to continue expanding its renewable energy portfolio over the coming decades.

By 2030, Origin aims for renewable sources to make up a quarter of the energy it produces.

Pioneering Green Hydrogen

Origin is also at the forefront of developing green hydrogen as an energy source.

Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity through a chemical reaction, with the only byproduct being water vapor.

Origin is building the world’s largest electrolyzer—a device that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen—at its Bell Bay power station in Tasmania.

The hydrogen will then be used to help power the station.

Putting Customers in Control

In addition to investing in renewable energy infrastructure, Origin gives customers more ways to access clean power.

The company’s GreenPower program allows customers to pay a premium on their bill to offset 100% of their electricity usage with certified renewable energy.

Origin also offers several renewable energy plans for homes and businesses, including solar panel packages and battery storage systems.

A Sustainable Future

While Origin still relies heavily on coal and gas, the company is making significant progress in transitioning to renewable energy.

By ramping up solar and wind power generation, investing in new technologies like green hydrogen, and providing customers with more sustainable options, Origin is helping to shape a greener future for Australia’s energy.

The road ahead won’t be easy, but Origin has demonstrated its commitment to a sustainable long-term energy strategy.

FAQs About Origin Energy

What does Origin Energy do?

Origin Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy companies.

They explore and produce natural gas, operate gas and electricity networks, and generate and sell electricity and gas.

Origin also has a growing international business, supplying Liquefied Natural Gas to Asia.

They power over 4 million households and businesses across Australia with electricity and gas.

Where does Origin Energy operate?

Origin operates across Australia, with gas production and power stations in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

Their gas pipelines and electricity networks span Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

Origin also operates an LNG export facility in Queensland, supplying customers in Asia.

How does Origin make money?

Origin makes money through the production and sale of natural gas and electricity.

They produce natural gas from fields they own or joint venture, and sell it to commercial and residential customers.

They generate electricity at their power stations and sell it into the wholesale market and to end-use customers.

Origin also earns revenue from their gas pipelines and electricity networks by transporting energy and charging network fees.

Their LNG export facility generates revenue through long-term supply contracts with international customers.

Does Origin Energy offer any discounts or special offers?

Yes, Origin Energy frequently offers discounts and special offers for new and existing residential customers.

These include sign-up bonuses, pay on time discounts if you pay by the due date, direct debit discounts for setting up automatic payments, and bundling discounts if you sign up for multiple Origin services like electricity, gas and solar.

Origin also regularly runs promotional offers with gift cards, movie tickets or other rewards for new customers.

It’s worth checking the Origin Energy website for their latest offers.

How can I contact Origin Energy?

You can contact Origin Energy in several ways: •Call them on 13 24 61 for residential enquiries or 13 23 34 for business customers.

•Chat with them online via the Live Chat on their website.

•Send them a message through their online contact form or email enquiry@originenergy.com.au.

•Write to them at GPO Box 5376, Melbourne VIC 3001.

•Visit them on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

•Drop into one of their customer service centres around the country.

Locations are listed on their website.

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