RMIT University: The Inside Scoop for 2024

So you’re thinking about attending RMIT University in 2024, huh? You’ve come to the right place! As a current student here, I have the inside scoop on everything from academics to campus life to Melbourne itself.

With over 100 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate degrees, RMIT offers something for everyone.

But a degree is about more than just classes – it’s the whole experience.

Let me tell you what it’s really like day-to-day as a student at RMIT.

From the best cheap eats to the hottest clubs, I’ll give you a glimpse into what your life could look like in 2024 as a RMIT student living it up in one of the world’s most livable cities.

Get ready for the inside scoop!

An Overview of RMIT University

A leading Australian university

RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise in Melbourne, Australia.

Founded in 1887, RMIT currently has over 82,000 students including 12,000 international students from over 100 countries.

Known for its ‘real-world’ learning and research, RMIT ranks among the world’s top 100 universities under 50 years old.

A diverse range of study options

RMIT offers programs across vocational education, higher education, and research.

There are over 300 programs across 23 academic schools in areas like business, engineering, fashion, design, and communication.

Whether you want to study a short course, undergraduate or postgraduate degree, RMIT has lots of options to choose from.

Industry connections and work experience

RMIT is focused on developing work-ready graduates.

Many degrees incorporate industry experience, internships or work placements.

RMIT also has close ties with leading companies, so students can build industry connections and many programs are co-developed with employers.

Over 2,300 partner organizations support RMIT students.

A vibrant student experience

RMIT’s city campuses in Melbourne provide lots of opportunities to get involved in campus life.

There are over 150 student clubs and societies, as well as sports teams, volunteering programs and events.

RMIT aims to provide an inclusive environment for people from all backgrounds.

Modern facilities like libraries, gyms, food courts and common rooms create spaces for students to study, socialize and access support services.

RMIT offers a unique mix of vocational and academic programs with a focus on real-world learning and industry experience.

If you’re looking for a university that will prepare you for your future career, RMIT is worth considering.

With opportunities for work-integrated learning, global connections and an engaging campus environment, RMIT can set you up for success.

Top Programs at RMIT University

RMIT has some of the most innovative degrees in Australia.

Their programs are industry-focused, preparing you for a successful career.

Business and Law

RMIT’s business and law schools are highly ranked.

Graduate with skills that are in high demand, like entrepreneurship, international business, marketing, and human resource management.

Experience real-world learning with internships and global study tours.

Design and Creative Arts

If you’re a creative soul, RMIT’s design and arts programs are for you.

Majors include graphic and communication design, fashion, photography, and media.

Learn from award-winning faculty in state-of-the-art studios and maker spaces.

Showcase your work in the RMIT Design Hub.

Engineering and IT

Become an engineer or developer at one of the world’s leading tech universities.

RMIT offers programs in software engineering, robotics, network systems, and cloud computing.

Gain hands-on experience in hackathons, internships, and by participating in projects like building Formula SAE race cars.

Science and Health

Pursue a career in psychology, biomedical science, nursing or paramedicine.

RMIT provides opportunities for placements, research, and study abroad.

New facilities include a $95 million Science and Health Building.

RMIT gives you the freedom to tailor your degree to your interests and career goals.

With over 300 programs across vocational education, undergraduate and postgraduate study, the possibilities for your future are endless.

So take a chance and apply—your next adventure awaits!

Student Life at RMIT: Clubs, Events and More

RMIT University has a vibrant student life with over 150 student clubs and societies as well as frequent events on campus.

Join a Club

Whatever your interests, RMIT has a club for you.

There are academic clubs, cultural clubs, special interest clubs, and recreational clubs.

If you have a hobby or passion not currently represented, you can even start your own club! Clubs are a great way to make new friends, gain valuable experience, and boost your resume.

Check out the Events

RMIT hosts many free or low-cost events for students throughout the year.

There are guest lectures, industry panels, cultural showcases, and social events.

Attending events is a perfect opportunity to learn something new, make connections with others, or just take a study break to recharge.

RMIT’s annual open day and student experience week are especially popular, featuring live music, food, games, and all kinds of activities across campus.

Get Involved in Campus Life

RMIT has an active student union that represents your interests and regularly organizes activities and campaigns.

Consider volunteering your time for a good cause or participating in initiatives to improve student life at RMIT.

There are also part-time job opportunities within the student union and university for current students.

RMIT aims to provide students with a well-rounded university experience, not just in the classroom but also through extracurricular involvement.

Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you and make the most of your time at RMIT.

The friends, memories, and skills you gain will enrich your life for years to come.

RMIT’s City Campuses in Melbourne

Swanston Street

RMIT’s City campus spans several blocks in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, centered around Swanston Street.

This bustling campus is home to the university’s business, engineering, and technology programs.

Walking down Swanston Street, you’ll pass historic buildings like the Capitol Theatre and St.

Paul’s Cathedral.

The campus has a vibrant, fast-paced feel, perfect for career-focused degrees.


Just north of the city center is RMIT’s Carlton campus, situated within gorgeous historic buildings.

This campus houses RMIT’s renowned art, design, fashion, and communication programs.

Wandering the leafy grounds, you’ll feel inspired by the creative spirit.

The campus is also within walking distance of popular destinations like Lygon Street, the Royal Exhibition Building, and Melbourne Museum.


RMIT’s Bundoora campus, located just 8 kilometers from the CBD, is set on spacious grounds with modern facilities.

This campus is home to health sciences, education, and veterinary nursing programs.

Bundoora offers a quieter setting for learning while still maintaining close ties to the opportunities in Melbourne.

Shuttle buses frequently run between the Bundoora campus and the city campuses.

Overall, RMIT’s three Melbourne campuses provide diverse environments for learning in an exciting city.

No matter your interests, you’ll find a campus that fuels your creativity and career ambitions.

The university’s shuttle bus and tram services make it easy to explore different campuses and all the city has to offer.

At RMIT, you get the best of both worlds: a vibrant university community and a dynamic city playground.

Applying to RMIT University: What You Need to Know

RMIT University has over 80,000 students across campuses in Melbourne, Vietnam and Barcelona, so admissions are competitive.

Here are some tips to help strengthen your application.

Meet the Requirements

First, make sure you meet the minimum entry requirements for your chosen program.

This typically includes a secondary school certificate or equivalent with adequate scores in relevant subjects.

Some programs may have additional requirements like a portfolio, interview, or entrance exam.

Check with the faculty for details.

Apply Through VTAC

Most undergraduate applicants apply through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

The VTAC application opens in August and closes in November for February intake.

You’ll need to provide copies of academic transcripts, a personal statement, and possibly additional requirements set by your program.

Consider Alternative Entry Pathways

If you don’t quite meet the minimum scores, you have options.

RMIT considers your work experience, community involvement, and other attributes.

You can apply through a pathway program like the Associate Degree, Foundation Studies or Diploma.

These provide an alternative entry point so you can work your way into your target degree.

Apply for Scholarships

RMIT offers hundreds of scholarships, grants and bursaries to support students financially.

Domestic and international scholarships are available based on academic merit, equity or field of study.

The RMIT Village Accommodation Scholarship covers accommodation costs.

It’s worth the effort to apply, as it could help fund your studies.

Visit the Campuses

If possible, visit the RMIT campuses during Open Day.

You’ll get a feel for the facilities, learning environments and campus life.

Chat with current students about their experience.

Exploring the campuses in person can help determine if RMIT is the right fit and get you excited about becoming a student!

With the right preparation and persistence, you have an excellent chance of gaining admission to RMIT.

Best of luck with your application!

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